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About GamesNod

Hi there! I’m an actor by day, and game geek by night (Or also really whenever I have time off). I live in Berlin, Germany – The capital of the German Entertainment & Internet industry.

GamesNod is the place where I publish reviews of all the Games I purchase & test whenever I have time off.

These days I mostly ever play mobile games. Console & PC gaming requires a fixed setup at home and the few moments I can spend at home, away from my busy schedule, I like to spend with my family.

I’m a firm believer that mobile gaming is the future and will only grow and take on different forms. I like to imagine holographic mobile games, think of something like the chess game on board the Millenium Falcon!

GamesNod is the place where I show you which games are worthwhile, and which games you can “nod off” over and move on.