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If you’re out of your twenties, you’ll probably remember playing Cluedo with your family on game night.

I have fond memories of playing Clue with my parents and siblings. It was the highlight of the week for my family.

Now guess what, the Clue mobile app has a multiplayer function available as well!

After having solved a few rounds of Clue now with my own family, I can say it absolutely feels like I remember the board game.

Of course, there is a difference vs the board game, the fact alone that everybody holds a mobile device instead of cards. But it doesn’t feel detached, at all. Quite the opposite and my kids truly love it!


Clue Review

The old Hasbro classic, Clue, has come to life once again in this mobile version of the traditional board game. Whether you want to fly solo or play with friends, you can download Clue for a chance to work your way through the mystery. Uncover clues and place your bets on who you think murdered the victim, with what weapon, and in which room of the massive mansion.
The gameplay is very smooth, and the maneuvers are easy to understand which makes this game a good one for kids too.

Taking Notes and Making Guesses

The great thing about this version of Clue is the app gives you a notepad of sorts for you to keep track of what is going on in the story. It can be beneficial in games that are somewhat lengthy, and a lot has gone on; It’s not always so simple to remember who you have deemed innocent and who remains shady, in your opinion.
It may seem like a simple feature, but it is a unique bonus for those who like to take a lot of notes when working through a problem.

Feels Like The Original

The gameplay for Clue is very original because your game pieces move along the board of the game at an aerial view as if you are driving it on. Once your game piece has landed on your designated spot, the game zooms into a scene going on in the room closest to you.
It’s fun to roam around the room, and select items you think are crucial to finding the murderer. You can submit your guesses as to who you believe committed the crime, and with what object you feel was used to kill their victim.


Play With Your Friends

One of the best features of this version of the game is each of your friends can download Clue, and you can all play the game together as if it were a board game! Whether you connect with friends on your tablet or smartphone, Clue is one of the most exciting mystery games you can play with your crew.
The way the story plays out is very interactive, so you are not likely to get bored as you play through the story. The game does cost a small fee, but it is nothing compared to the hours of fun you have in store with your friends. You might think it wouldn’t be worth it to pay for a game like this, but imagine being constantly interrupted by ads or needing to wait hours on end for energy to cool down? Purchasing the game allows you to play for far longer without interruption and ensures that you won’t have to spend any money on items in the game.



Overall, this version of Clue is a favorite among classic board game fans. Its mechanics are simple to understand, and the story stays interesting all the way through. The only downfall to the game is that on occasion it can be too easy. If you don’t mind that the game isn’t always a challenge, then spending a little money for Clue will not disappoint you.


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