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Dungeon Princess

Awww yeah! The two words that let every RPG gamer’s heart skip a beat: Dungeon, and Princess.

This Japanese title has both of it in spades. The seemingly anime-styled game comes with a whole bunch of princesses actually.

Your party of princesses ventures into dungeons in good old-fashioned RPG tradition.

The winning party doesn’t just get all the loot and fame, but a female character in your party also receives the title “Princess”.


Dungeon Princess App Review

The Japanese gaming company, SSICOSM, never fail to impress with their anime based RPG systems. The download of the Dungeon Princess is no exception. The story features you as ISM, who, with sister NADIE begins the journey of the Dungeon Princess in hopes of making NADIE into a princess.


The Story

From a knowledge of role-playing game games, the story is what makes a role-playing more alive with little nuances, caveats, and other points of attraction that keep the story going. The problem is when the role-playing game becomes repetitive and stale. In order for someone to find true pleasure in a role-playing game, the storyline needs to be more concrete, rounded, and interesting. This is the case in Dungeon Princess where the story is slow and clunky at times.


Playing the Game

Considering the loot in the game is armor and weapons with each level having an increase in the quality, the pay structure is a bit similar to Diablo.


The Pros

This game has 100% auto play mode, featuring characters with skills and abilities. The voices are charming and the illustrations are warm and attractive. The storyline is fun, showing how the characters relate. The game has a different battle system that puts it above other games. You can create the strategy with the battle play by switching characters who fall in battle with living characters.


Offline Play

One important thing to remember is that Dungeon Princess is an offline game. Therefore, the information is not saved through a server. If the application is accidentally deleted, your data will go the way of the application.


RPG Repetition

A problem I have with role-playing games is the level to which they repeat themselves. The storyline does not change much from game to game. The characters are different, but not by much. The fighting and battles are different in that they change the weaponry and armor from game to game. The loyalty to a game begins the level of play, and there are fans of the role-playing games will play those games with a jaded view. In the eyes of the RPG player, every RPG is different; it might come to the simple playing and battle sequences, but the overwhelming majority vote is that the RPG changes vary from sequences of playing to the storyline.


The Cons

The Interface- The skills buttons appear once a head is tapped and this is a bit distracting, where they should appear in one vertical row on top during the entire time. Other problems include the lack of name under the attacks in battle; users never really see who they are fighting. This can be problematic in the battle scenes as they can make it clunky and slow to move. It’s hard enough for me trying to figure out where the battle is going, let alone who I am fighting.



Personally, I am not a fan of RPG games. I think they are drawn out and repetitive, but Dungeon Princess has a lot of interesting attributes. The use of anime characters is a fun addition to the game. The playability is there but a bit clunky at times, making it hard to accept as a fun game overall.


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Dungeon Princess
Dungeon Princess
Developer: SSICOSM
Price: $2.49+
Dungeon Princess
Dungeon Princess
Price: $2.99+
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