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Icewind Dale

Icewind Dale is a remake of the original, which in turn is a part of the Baldur’s Gate & Planescape: Torment series.

It’s a very traditional RPG game, which uses a subset of D&D rules (Dungeons & Dragons). Look forward to classic fight logs & messages like “Character takes 4 crushing damage from Skeleton!”.

As almost customary in classic titles such as Icewind Dale, your character can build a following of up to 6 different characters. All of which can be customized in terms of stats as well as gear and weaponry.


Icewind Dale App Review

If you enjoy fantasy tales that are loosely based on history, Icewind Dale is a game that is waiting to be handled by you as soon as you can play. The story is based on traveling the Spine of The World, a region called the Icewind Dale lies in the far northern regions of the icy tundra. The story is important to understand before playing the game because it gives the game a more living feel- as if it needed one. The game is a great complement to the story and could easily be made into a movie or a television series. I would watch it while playing the game!


Worth the Price

As one of the best RPG’s available on the iOS market, the download of Icewind Dale is definitely worth the money. The game has a tremendous amount of content and given the amount of data and action, you can see how the price goes a long way for the satisfaction of playing the game. It is similar to other RPG’s, but this one sits in your hands, travels with you, and can be accessed from any location.


Gameplay is Beautiful

For those who enjoy an epic game, Icewind Dale, similar to Baldur’s Gate, is definitely a game you will want to check out. If you take Dungeons and Dragons and mix it with Skyrim, you will have something akin to Icewind Dale. The makers, Beamdog, have treated their players with something special in the game, taking all of the things we enjoy about RPG’s and making it in an application that is smaller in memory, but still terrific in terms of playability and plays just like an RPG on the PC or a console.


Not Much Lacking

One would think that Icewind Dale, given all of the accolades of past awards among the love of countless players, that the game is lacking in some area. That one is wrong; as far as RPG’s go, this might be the best ever created for an application. The problem, or rather, one of the few drawbacks is the narrative can be a bit clunky and not like what we’re used to with Black Isle titles of Bioware’s games. It is of my opinion, this game could not get much stronger.


The One Problem? It’s Not So Universal

RPG’s are games that are attractive to only one group of people. Sadly, this makes the game not universal; it will be enjoyed by the group that only plays RPG’s. Other players will not like the game. Players not accustomed to RPG’s will be bored with the narrative and the play. Like Oblivion and the Elder Scrolls, Icewind Dale is a terrific RPG that follows an amazing story. However, the players who do not like RPG’s might try this game and realize why they don’t like RPG’s.



Icewind Dale is one of the best RPG’s ever made for applications. It follows an amazing story, the playability is unparalleled, the graphics are intense and beautiful, and the feel of the game is incredibly realistic– even though the story is fantasy based.


Download On Google Play & iTunes

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
Developer: Beamdog
Price: $9.99
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
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