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Monster Hunter Stories

If you’re a fan of anime, manga or storylines ala Pokemon you shouldn’t miss this game.

Although being pretty expensive; much more so than games usually are on mobile devices; this game comes with great ratings and is kind of a “secret tip” among fans.

But the world itself reminds a lot of MMORPG games and is definitely not just something for hardcore fans. There are a few drawbacks though, which I will get into in my review.


Monster Hunter Stories Review

Monster Hunter Stories is an epic RPG adventure from the infamous gaming label, Capcom! The mobile rendition of their stunning RPG is a great way to kill time and embark on a journey with your friends without having to worry about cross console gaming. All you need to have a good time with your friends or on a solo mission on Monster Hunter Stories is a reliable internet connection.
There are so many different creatures and characters to uncover in the game, so download Monster Hunter Stories today to start your collection of monsters and comrades!


Discovering Creatures

Monster Hunter Stories has a similar feel to RPG’s like Pokemon or Final Fantasy. With evident anime style influences, Capcom’s Monster Hunter Stories is sure to keep you entertained with their collection of monsters and animals.
If you like playing through a story and defeating enemies while searching for items or creatures to collect, you will love Monster Hunter Stories. Anything from dragons, to big cats, and other beasts are awaiting your companionship in this RPG universe.


Play With Your Friends

After a certain level of triumph, you will be able to join your friends in the quest for defeating the enemy and growing your monster army.
Invite your friends to play in true RPG style and maneuver the map as a team to defeat enemies that appear and to complete challenges and hatch new creatures.
Join friends and foes in battles with your newfound monster friends and see whose companion is the most ferocious. As you run missions with your friends and find new species of monsters, you can collect eggs and bring them back to your village to hatch them.
Download Monster Hunter Stories to get collecting unique creatures with your friends!


No Energy Or Ads To Slow You Down

Perhaps one of the most frustrating elements of smartphone or tablet games is the need for energy and other currencies to make moves or progress.
Capcom does gamers a solid by leaving this feature out of Monster Hunter Stories. You won’t have to worry about counting ahead or planning out your moves by how much energy you still have to spend. As long as you want to play the game, it is available for play. No hour’s of downtime due to energy cool down’s or sending annoying friend requests for handouts.
Having no energy or ads to worry about means that you and your entourage will have plenty of playable time in the app, and no one will get left behind for running out of energy.


Price & Multiplayer

This is where a lot of user complaints will come from I believe. The price on its own is very unusual for a mobile game but could be justified because Monster Hunter Stories is just a great game.

In combination with the very limiting multi-player feature though, is where I foresee many unhappy faces.

The world feels kind of empty, of course, because the game is expensive and only other players who have purchased the game are eligible to play.

Now, if the game was free and to upgrade to a full experience you’d pay, that would make a lot more sense to me and also fill the otherwise beautiful world with many more players.



Overall Monster Hunter Stories is a beautiful game to play with countless hours of gameplay to enjoy. The no ad and no energy features are what makes this Capcom gem worth downloading.
Another fact which makes this game so great is it’s production studios. If you are any fan to the gaming industry, then you are already at least somewhat familiar with the work that comes out of the studios at Capcom, which should give you all the confidence in the world for Monster Hunter Stories.


Download On Google Play & iTunes

Monster Hunter Stories
Monster Hunter Stories
Developer: CAPCOM CO., LTD.
Price: $19.99
Monster Hunter Stories
Monster Hunter Stories
Developer: CAPCOM Co., Ltd
Price: $19.99
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