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Neo Monsters – Dragon Trainer is a role-playing game ala “Pokemon” or “Monster Hunter Stories“.

The games focus centers around training Dragons, to fight other AI dragons or PvP matches in leagues.

Story mode has something along the lines of 60+ hours worth of gameplay.


Neo Monsters Review

From NTT Resonant comes Neo Monsters, a game that is creative beyond words with the storyline, characters, and overall playability. The storyline of the game is amazingly rich in detail. Essentially, the main character works in cahoots with his uncle’s caretaker for their personal monsters. Playing the protagonist, you are tasked with protecting a world from other monsters. The story is a typical good versus evil yarn, but the creativity enhanced with the story is astounding. Imagine a visual of Pokemon as a long, drawn-out epic tale of good versus evil while warping through time, and you have the concept behind Neo Monsters.


The Visual Novel

A game such as Neo Monsters takes on the imagery of a Visual Novel, while still maintaining the playability that one would find behind a role-playing game. The challenge of a game that is playing within a story, is to keep the player attracted. The download of Neo Monsters can be a bit tedious with the long storyline, but the action is unstoppable. The prose inside the novel part of the game is well written and easy to follow, a step away from previous games in the vein of Neo-Monsters as previous versions were choppy and poorly written and hard to understand.


It’s in the Timing

The game has a tenacious timing mechanism where monsters are given so long to rest before starting up again, a fun part of developing a strategy to win the game. The action inside the Visual Novel motif never stops despite the cut scenes showing written parts of the story. These intervals do not hinder the action of the game in the least. They serve a purpose which is to keep the game interesting and tied in with the Visual Novel. The differences that separate Neo-Monsters from Pokemon are enough to deter any Pokemon fan from enjoying the game. The game, however, features Capture Cards, an element akin to Pokeballs, which work against the ever-mounting number of monsters as the game continues.


A Well Trained Warrior

The game features mini-games and one is considered training. While training, you need to determine how many points you want to spend on acquiring new skills and power. The training segments help you get better in attacking and building up points. There is no cap to the points, but going over what your tier allows will make you unable to continue to the next level. This is a joy killer because when playing the game, you don’t want anything to prevent you from winning and the small caveats are enough to make you want to delete the application.


In The End

Neo-Monsters features a world comparable with the Pokemon universe, that everyone has come to know and love.

The Visual Novel aspect might throw off people who have been expecting something different. The game itself is beautifully built with a great story and tremendous playability. Where the game becomes problematic is a Pay-or-Wait set up that creates an obstacle to the player and thus, the whole of the game with or without the notion of the Visual Novel as a backdrop to the amazing action, graphics, and intriguing story.


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Neo Monsters
Neo Monsters
Price: $0.99+
Neo Monsters
Neo Monsters
Price: $0.99+
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