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If you’re looking to improve your handicap, OK Golf is probably the wrong way of doing that ๐Ÿ™‚

But if what you’re after is just playing a relaxing round of surprisingly realistic golf, while kicking back & having a beer on your couch. Well, then I think OK Golf might just be the perfect Golf Simulator for you.


Ok Golf Review

Ok Golf is your mobile getaway when you need some time on the course! Even if you can’t physically get out to the country club for a day of relaxation and enjoy a few rounds of golf, you can still get the feeling of being there by downloading Ok Golf from the play store on your smartphone or tablet.
The graphics are simple, and the mechanics are so basic even a child could navigate the game with ease. One of the best features of the game, however, has to be the time differences and thematic changes each course goes through. Most games with a similar feel only give you one sort of day to look at. Although bright and sunny days are always great to look at, sometimes you want a bit of variety.


Travel The World In Ok Golf

Other golf simulating apps only features a standard course with some trees in the background. There are plenty of trees in Ok Golf as well, but they change it up by changing the atmosphere on each course. You might seem like you’re in the foggy land of Ireland with a giant stone castle in the background. Or maybe you will find yourself in a swamp in Georgia.
It’s so refreshing to be able to sit down and enjoy a game that gives you options when it comes to the atmosphere. Fluid mechanics and exciting gameplay are not the only factors which make up a successful game. Players want to feel truly immersed in the experience, and the little changeups to the environment can really do the trick.


Simple Mechanics

Some of the best games are the ones which are simple enough for anyone to enjoy. A lot of adults end up passing their phone off to a little one at some point to appease them with a game. Whether you are a parent, involved aunt or uncle, or perhaps you babysit, OK Golf is a great app to download if you need something to help entertain children.
The mechanics are a simple pull and release motion when aiming your ball. Anyone can grasp the simple functions of this game, which makes downloading Ok Gulf to keep your family entertained a smart idea on your part!


Choose A Mode

Another excellent feature of Ok Golf is the ability to change your mode of play. If you are feeling a bit competitive and want to try your skills against other players, then choose the challenger mode. You can choose a method like practice or offline to spend some solo time on the course.
Being able to change the mode of play in which you want to engage in is yet another way that Ok Golf keeps the game fresh and entertaining.



Ok Golf is a simple aim, drag, and release, game which features stunning diorama style hole locations. The game is relatively cheap to purchase in the play store, so downloading Ok Golf is not going to be overly expensive. By buying the game outright, you get to avoid all the annoying ads and keep the in-app purchases to a minimum. Any app that is less than $1 and keeps annoying ads at bay is a plus!


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OK Golf
OK Golf
Developer: Playdigious
Price: $0.99
OK Golf
OK Golf
Price: $3.99


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