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If you’re in your thirties or forties now, you’ll remember awesome RPG titles like Baldurs Gate. I can’t remember how many hours I’ve spent in front of my PC playing Baldurs Gate and many other RPG games. I probably, realistically, most definitely spend at least half my childhood playing these games. Not getting out to get fresh air as much as I should’ve.

Looking at the boom old-school titles experience on mobile platforms in recent years, I kind of feel younger again.

Planescape is one of those games in particular that bring back a lot of great memories.


Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition Review

Planescape is a critically acclaimed franchise which has been known and loved since its debut in 1999. PC gamers marveled at the intensity of the storylines and battled alien creatures and monsters as they played for hours on end with their friends.

Now, the game has gone through a rework for use on tablets and smartphones with a sizeable screen. You might be wondering how good a classic can be after so many years and without the original production team. Although it is usually not as well done and leaves a bit of disappointment behind for fans of the title, the team at Beamdog got the original designer for Planescape. In doing this, they had a member of the original team to assist them with bringing the classic back to its former glory.


Updates Done By The Original Mastermind

The team at Beamdog worked closely with Chris Avellone when bringing Planescape to the mobile gaming market. The care and thought that went into remastering Planescape: Torment is commendable by any classic gamers standards. A lot of companies want to polish old games too much and change them from what made them so famous in the past.

If you loved the original, or are even just looking for an exciting and extensive RPG game, then consider downloading Planescape onto your tablet or smartphone to start your quest! You will not regret diving into this remarkable game.


Choose Your Path Wisely

Just about every RPG has some form of customization to it. Whether you are transforming the features of your hero or dressing them to the nines in all the best adventure gear, there is generally something to customize your adventure.
When you play through the story of Planescape, however, you will have a plethora of opportunities to change up the game by choosing different scenarios throughout your journey.

Not only will you have all the traditional forms of customization, but you will also be able to transform the journey your player takes by the choices you make.
If you can remember the books you probably read as a child where you had to make a decision and turn to a specific page to move forward in the story, then you can imagine what the same format can do for an RPG!


No Chance Of Losing Interest Anytime Soon

There are over 50 hours of gameplay in this game. When you download Playscape on your device, you are engaging in an intensely immersive gaming experience.
Whether you choose to play with your friends or embark on the journey alone, you are sure to have hours of fun navigating through the dungeons and levels of this fantastic story.

Many applications we download now tend to run out of excitement rather soon; however, because of the thought and time that went into making Planescape as epic as it was when it launched, you are not likely to get sick of the game anytime soon.



Planescape is a thrilling RPG that will keep you going on your adventure for hours. The game is beautifully crafted to look precisely like the original, so fans of the title are sure to be thrilled with it’s updated appearance.

The only downside one can find about Planescape is that the game isn’t free! With that being the only negative thing one can see about the game, you will surely not be disappointed with paying to play this title. After all, they do say you get what you pay for, and you get all the bells and whistles from the original game when you pay to play this rendition of the classic Planescape.


Download On Google Play & iTunes

Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition
Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition
Planescape: Torment
Planescape: Torment
Developer: Overhaul Games
Price: $9.99
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