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Pocket City is a simulation game ala Civilization. Not as detailed as the classic Civil though, and also you’re managing a city, not an entire civilization.

Nonetheless, Pocket City is a quite detailed simulation that doesn’t leave anything to be desired.

You can spend days and weeks creating and managing your city and it never really becomes boring. Because there are absolutely no micro-transactions in game, you don’t have cooldown timers that make you wait or alternatively spend real money.


Pocket City Review

Pocket City is an adorable city building simulator created by the team at Codebrew Games. The mechanics and movements of the game are simple in the sense that everything works with a simple tap, but the Pocket City also opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to your creativity.

The game starts like any other simulator; You are a newly elected Mayor, and you have to build and maintain a thriving city. You decide what goes into your town and where it is, as well as the manner in which your city functions.

It is very inexpensive to download Pocket City, as the game only costs around $3.99, but it is worth it when you see the absence of ads and in-game purchases! Because you buy the game outright, there is no scheming to get more money out of you by persuading you to buy gems, or energy of some kind, to progress.


Building Your City

Although it may seem juvenile to want to play a game which enables you to create your little universe, it is quite relaxing. After a long day of work, it’s nice to sit down to a round of Pocket City, without the annoying interference of advertisements, and decide how I would like to expand my city.

With a game like Pocket City on your tablet or smartphone, it’s easy to get lost in the creativity of it all with hours of non-stop quests, building, and planning the event’s going on in your town.


No Temptation To Spend Real Dollars

One of the most frustrating things about finding a game you love in the play store is being able to download it for free and then you are bombarded with requests to pay for items and upgrades. We all know what happens too; You decide it isn’t all that expensive and you end up spending a few dollars on content you could have waited to receive.

By spending those few dollars up front and buying the game, you are dodging the hassle of having to purchase nonsensical goods to move forward in the game.


Play However You’re Comfortable

Another excellent feature of Pocket City is the option of holding your device in landscape or portrait style. Though this might seem silly for many, there are so many gamers who have issues with their wrists or hands and can benefit from the option to hold their device more comfortably.
It is also a helpful feature if you have little ones who like to play the game. Some smaller hands may find it easier to hold your device one way or another, which means giving them the option lessens the chances of them dropping your device!



Pocket City is well worth the few dollars it takes to download the game. The graphics are remarkably well thought out, and the mini events that take place in the city are a treat to watch.

You won’t have to worry about your kids playing this game while you are not around, because there is no chat feature for predators to reach them on.
With the absence of ads and in-app purchases being a primary feature of the game, buying Pocket City for a small fee is nothing compared to the hours of blissfully uninterrupted fun you will have!

If you are ready to create a universe all to yourself, then download Pocket City to get started!


Download On Google Play & iTunes

Pocket City
Pocket City
Developer: Codebrew Games
Price: $3.99
Pocket City
Pocket City
Developer: Bobby Li
Price: $3.99
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