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Ramp Car Stunts Review

Ramp Car Stunts is one of those mobile games that are great to pull out when you’re bored and need a little something to entertain yourself. If you ever played with hot wheels sets that included the ramps and loops for your cars to drive on, then you will love this game!

The aim of the game is simple, choose your car and launch it down an incredibly steep ramp and perform unique stunts for points! The mechanics are straightforward enough for anyone to control and understand so this would be a solid game to let the kids play as well.


Choose Your Ride

Once you download Ramp Car Stunts, you will first notice the car selection screen as you wait on top of the ramp. You can swipe left or right to choose which style of car you want to take your chances in on the course.

Each car runs about the same but may be able to perform certain stunts better than others. For example, if you need something that can pick up speed rather quickly, you will probably want to stick with a smaller sports-type vehicle. No matter which style of car or truck you decide to plummet down the ramp in, you are sure to have a great time performing stunts in Ramp Car Stunts.


Perform Crazy Stunts

There are many different stunts to perform when you download Ramp Car Stunts onto your phone or tablet. One of the most amusing tricks to act out in the game is probably when your car punts the soccer ball down the ramp. If you can keep your car in control and follow the ball precisely enough, then you can rack up a fair number of points before flying off the end of the track.

When the car or truck is plummeting through the air toward the ground, you can turn, flip, and roll your vehicle through the air to try and rack up as many points as you can.


Simple Controls

The mechanics of controlling your vehicle in Ramp Car Stunts is somewhat unique. You will have a gas and brake pedal on the screen you must use to accelerate or slow down your car. As players need to steer the vehicle, they can use a simple touch of a left or right arrow indicator to turn or roll the machine either direction.

The way each set of buttons are set up allows players to handle their device while playing Ramp Stunt Cars more comfortably. Because your device is easily manageable in two hands, this game would be simple enough for a young child to entertain themselves.



In summation, Ramp Stunt Cars is a fun little game to play on your phone to pass the time. The mechanics are a bit different but straightforward enough to get the hang of the first round of the game, so it’s an excellent family choice as well.

There is one big letdown to Ramp Stunt Cars, and that would be the graphics. Though the developers did their best to deliver various massive cityscapes in the background, it just doesn’t do the trick.

Each picture lines up at the corners and forms a square, so you aren’t getting the panoramic view that a player might expect to experience in a game of this type.
Other than sub-par graphics, Ramp Stunt Cars is a solid game to have on your smartphone or tablet. The fun colors of the cars and the various stunts you can do are entertaining enough to keep your mind off of the background, and focused on performing epic tricks in the air!


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Ramp Car Stunts
Ramp Car Stunts
Developer: Racing Legends
Price: Free+
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