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Terraria is a game, which has a few similarities to Minecraft, in terms of how players can craft, build and shape the world around them.

In Terraria, the world you create and then inhibit with your friends is truly unique. No two worlds are the same, spawn locations differ and even items to be discovered can be truly unique.

Terraria is a multi-player game, not in the sense of an MMO, but local multiplayer with friends or online multi-player.

There lays the other similarity with Minecraft, online multiplayer is a world that exists on whoever hosts it on their device. So if I host a world, you can access it, but only as long as I or my device are online too.

This makes Terraria the perfect game for small LAN parties and friends to spend some time adventuring together.


Terraria Review

Terraria is a beautiful 8-bit classic game that has joined the mobile gaming industry in the play store. If you miss the days of jumping and fighting your way across the screen with an 8-bit pixelated hero, then you must consider buying Terraria to start your adventure.

There is just something refreshing about playing a game like Terraria on your smartphone or tablet. It feels like getting back to the basics of the industry and stripping away a lot of unnecessary violence, sex, and drug use which you typically see today.


Customizable Characters

One of the coolest features of Terraria is being able to choose the gender of your avatar and design them to look however you want. When you pick up a classic 8-bit game like Terraria, you don’t expect to have the option to create your hero, so for it to be available in this one is exciting.
Imagine being able to pop in Super Mario Bros. when you were a kid and being able to customize your plumber completely! I suppose it would be an entirely different story then, but still a neat idea!


Harvesting Materials And Building Your World

Another rather remarkable feature of Terraria is the ability players have to break apart the environment to obtain materials and to craft shelter, and other items, to help you survive.

You don’t often see in games of this fashion the ability to harvest and craft materials. It isn’t a significant feature by any means, in today’s gaming world, but it is a fresh idea for a game with such a classic feel to it.

Something to consider with this feature is if you can build something those items can then break. Zombies will come out of the surrounding landscape to attack your shelter and any other things you might have at your base, so be on the lookout! If you are ready to see if you have what it takes to survive in this unique world, then download Terraria to start your adventure.


Play With Friends

You don’t have to schedule a sleepover or have a LAN party to enjoy a rigorous round of Terraria with your gaming pals. The app supports up to 4 players at once on cross console devices. Once you download Terraria, you can connect your account to social media to quickly find your friends and invite them all to join you from anywhere they are! All you need is a reliable internet connection, and a social media account to enjoy a session of gameplay with your friends.



Overall, Terraria is a great game for those who want hours of uninterrupted gameplay with a classic 8-bit feel. Run around the world and collect wood, metal, and brick to construct your shelter or barracks, and destroy enemies that cross your path in Terraria.
There are over 100 building shapes to work with, so if there is a building you can imagine, there is a way to create it in Terraria.
You will also have plenty of items to customize your space with, so you can make your Terrarian home as unique as you are.

I think you won’t regret adding Terraria to your arsenal of RPG / Crafting / Building games, it’s a whole lot of fun, especially when played with friends!


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Developer: 505 Games Srl
Price: $4.99
Price: $4.99
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