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The Old Man’s Journey

The Old Man’s Journey is a visually stunning masterpiece adventure, made in Germany.

The game tells the story of an old man and his life and is very relatable and thought-provoking. As in, have you done everything you want to in your life? Are you living your life as you should? In some sense, the game tells the story of us all and reminds that life is precious, we all have only one.


The Old Man’s Journey Review

The Old Man’s Journey game is one of those that can grasp your attention for hours on end. With beautiful graphics and a beautifully rendered storyline, Old Man’s Journey is a simple reminder of the ups and downs in which life presents us.

If you are looking for an app to download that will allow you to zone out on the couch and immerse yourself in a simple, yet stunning experience, then download Old Man’s Journey from your tablet or smartphone’s play store to get started.

The mechanics of the game are simple enough for a child to manage, and the imagery is very much that of a storybook. Because of these factors, Old Man’s Journey is not a bad idea for a game to let the kids play.


Stunning Visuals

The characters and locations featured in Old Man’s Tale look as though they just crawled out of your favorite childhood picture book. Every single detail of every scene is carefully crafted to immerse you into the journey our old friend takes us on.

The scenes taking over the screen as the old man’s mind drifts to different times are equally appealing visuals. Bright colors and animated characters light up each memory, good and bad, as the old man takes you down memory lane.


Heartfelt Story

The premise of the game is simple; you help the old man get to where he’s traveling too. Along the way, you will meet people, see many places, and do various things with the old man.

There might be times the old man will give you a chuckle, and other times he will tug at the strings of your heart and maybe coax a tear or two to fall. No matter what you experience when playing Old Man’s Journey, it is sure to touch your heart in some way.

At times in the game, the old man will sit down on a bench and mentally wander into a dream-like memory from his past, and the story is heartwarming, to say the least.


Simple Mechanics

One of the aspects of Old Man’s Journey that makes it so appealing is that the movements in the game are so simple to nail. Mostly, all you are doing is moving the ground to meet so the old man can travel from one place to another with ease. Just dragging and dropping an outlined piece of land and connecting it with another, in the fore or background, will allow the old man to continue on his way.

The mechanics in Old Man’s Journey are so simple a child could quickly navigate their way through the story, and this makes it one of the top rated games in the play store!



Old Man’s Journey is a great little game for passing the time on the couch or curled up in bed for the evening. The cinematics and background images in the game are stunning and appear as though classic children’s picture books inspired them. If you are ready for a relaxing journey with him, then download Old Man’s Journey in your device’s play store!


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Old Man's Journey
Old Man's Journey
Developer: Broken Rules
Price: $4.99
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